Intriguing Possibilities During Adhik Maas (Malmas) 2023

Once in every few years, an extra month surfaces in the lunar calendar, known as ‘Malmas’ or ‘Purushottam Mas’ or Adhik Maas. This period isn’t typically associated with materialistic progress but offers a fertile ground for spiritual growth. Malmas, Purushottam Mas, Adhik Maas.

Our life, as per traditional wisdom, is divided into four core pursuits, famously known as “Purushartha Chatushtaya”. This concept was well-defined by the great Veda Vyasa:

"Virtue (dharma), wealth (artha), desire (kama), and liberation (moksha) are the fundamental pursuits of human life."

Spiritual scholars and gurus emphasize that while wealth (artha) and desire (kama) lead us towards worldly progress, virtue (dharma) and liberation (moksha) guide us on the path of spiritual evolution.

To better understand this, let’s delve into the words of Madhusudan Shastri:

"Malmas, although viewed skeptically for worldly pursuits, stands untouched by blemishes and detached from the material realm. Indeed, it is the paramount time for spiritual achievements." 
- Madhusudan Shastri

The Bhavishya Purana articulates this concept by stating that anyone who participates in spiritual activities such as charity, austerity, meditation, mantra recitation, or virtuous deeds during this additional month (Malmas) can alleviate their planetary troubles. An extract from the Bhavishya Purana further illustrates this:

"In Malmas, the doctrines of charity, austerity, and good deeds are particularly encouraged. It is believed that during this period, the celestial bodies, especially, bestow the fruits of these actions." 
– Bhavishya Purana

By dedicating ourselves to virtuous actions or immersing ourselves in spiritual practices, we can transcend the hardships laid out by our destiny and cultivate new paths. The additional month (Malmas) not only enables us to reshape our future but also offers us the power to enhance our destiny. It’s an occasion to accumulate positive karma, ushering in greater opportunities in life.

Malmas, Purushottam Mas, Adhik Maas

Sage Narada underscores the impact of specific spiritual activities during Adhik Maas:

"Even minor efforts made during the auspicious Purushottam Maas, be it fasting, philanthropy, purification through bathing, or chanting, promise abundant rewards." 
– Maharshi Narad

The words of Sage Narada assure us that regardless of the intensity of our engagement in these spiritual activities during Malmas, the results will be beneficial. Whether we partake wholeheartedly or under duress, the special characteristics of Malmas ensure the attainment of fruitful results.

Let’s explore these spiritual activities:

The first remedy, fasting, is the practice of refraining from food to instill discipline in the body, mind, and senses. The emphasis here is on sensory control. Fasting extends beyond merely abstaining from food; it’s about purification of the senses. Another dimension to fasting is the opportunity to spend time close to a spiritual guide or guru, absorbing their teachings, and broadening our wisdom.

Next, Sage Narada suggests charity, which can be extended in various forms – financial assistance, physical help, or even comforting words. The ultimate objective here is the purification of wealth.

The third remedy is bathing, particularly in sacred places or pilgrimage sites such as the Ganges. This activity stresses the importance of bodily purification and personal cleanliness.

Malmas, Purushottam Mas, Adhik Maas

Finally, the practice of reciting mantras, meditating, or mindful living is highly encouraged.

By immersing in activities that lead to the purification of body, mind, senses, and wealth, one can reap incredible benefits during Malmas.

Any inward-oriented, purifying activity performed during Adhik Maas can pave the way for enduring happiness, peace, and abundance.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Malmas or Adhik Maas

In the complex tapestry of timekeeping, the lunar calendar holds a unique phenomenon known as ‘Malmas’ or ‘Adhik Maas’ (extra month). But what exactly is this period, and why is it deemed so significant? Let’s navigate through the intricate labyrinth of time to understand the essence of this enigmatic phase.

Unearthing the Concept

Rooted in the realms of Indian astronomy, the concept of ‘Malmas’ or ‘Adhik Maas’ is fundamentally tied to the lunar and solar calendars. The lunar year consists of roughly 354 days, falling behind the solar year of about 365 days. To align these two timelines, an extra lunar month, or ‘Adhik Maas’, is added approximately every three years.

Malmas, Purushottam Mas, Adhik Maas

The peculiarity of this month is that it isn’t assigned any conventional festival or celebration. It is seen as a time of reflection, self-improvement, and spiritual growth.

Significance in Spiritual Pursuits

The journey of life, as per ancient wisdom, is segmented into four primary pursuits known as ‘Purushartha Chatushtaya’. These include dharma (virtue), artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation). While artha and kama lead to worldly advancement, dharma and moksha elevate us on the spiritual plane.

In this spectrum, ‘Malmas’ or ‘Adhik Maas’ is viewed as a time conducive not to materialistic progress but to spiritual growth. Madhusudan Shastri articulates this beautifully:

"Malmas, though not favored for worldly undertakings, stands devoid of blemishes and is detached from the material sphere. It is indeed the supreme month for spiritual fruition."

The Gateway to Alleviating Afflictions

Bhavishya Purana further endorses the concept, stating that any person who engages in spiritual activities such as charity, austerity, meditation, chanting mantras, or other virtuous deeds during Malmas can alleviate their planetary afflictions. It states:

"During Malmas, the precepts for charity, austerity, and righteous deeds are particularly endorsed. It is believed that during this phase, celestial bodies are especially generous in bestowing the fruits of these actions."

Hence, by indulging in righteous actions or spiritual practices, we can overcome our destined hardships and create new paths. Malmas not only allows us to redesign our future but also enables us to enhance our destiny.

Engaging in Fasting, Charity, Bathing, and Chanting

Sage Narada underscores the importance of certain activities during Malmas, namely fasting, charity, bathing, and chanting. Regardless of the degree of engagement in these spiritual activities during Malmas, the benefits are bound to come.

Fasting is an act of self-discipline, teaching the body, mind, and senses restraint. Charity, extending beyond mere financial assistance, can involve physical help or even comforting words. Bathing, particularly in sacred places, is seen as purifying the body, while chanting mantras or meditating leads to mindfulness and mental clarity.

By immersing in these purifying activities during Malmas, one is sure to experience spiritual elevation and self-growth.


In essence, Malmas or Adhik Maas is a divine invitation to connect with our deeper selves and the universe’s rhythms. This ‘extra’ month is not merely an adjustment in the calendar but a powerful time window for personal transformation and spiritual development. Any inward-oriented, purifying activity performed during this phase paves the way for enduring happiness, peace, and prosperity.

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