Lord Shani Understanding His Likes and Dislikes

Lord Shani Understanding His Likes and Dislikes

Lord Shani Understanding His Likes and Dislikes

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shani holds a unique and powerful position. Revered and sometimes feared, he is the embodiment of the planet Saturn and is known as the dispenser of justice and the keeper of time. Understanding Lord Shani’s likes and dislikes is essential for those who seek his blessings and wish to navigate the challenges he may present in their astrological charts.

Who is Lord Shani?

Lord Shani is a very important figure in Hindu astrology. He represents the planet Saturn. People often think of him as strict but fair. Lord Shani is known as the Lord of Justice and Karma. This means he treats people based on their actions. If you do good things, he brings good luck. If you do bad things, he brings bad luck. His effects depend on where he is in your birth chart.

Lord Shani Understanding His Likes and Dislikes

What Lord Shani Likes

  1. Feeding Crows: Lord Shani likes it when you feed crows. This is especially important on Saturdays.
  2. Donating Things: Giving away black sesame seeds, iron, and oil pleases him.
  3. Worshiping Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman is believed to be an avatar of Shani. Worshiping Hanuman, especially on Tuesdays, makes Shani happy.
  4. Being Good to Others: Helping those in need and being fair and honest are important to Lord Shani.
  5. Following Your Duty: Doing your responsibilities well pleases him.
  6. Respecting Elders: Showing respect to your parents, teachers, and older people is key.
  7. Staying Strong: Never giving up, even when things are hard, is something Lord Shani values.
  8. Offering Coconut: He likes when you offer him a coconut at a temple or at home.
  9. Chanting Mantras: Reciting special prayers dedicated to him is beneficial.
  10. Performing Fasts: Observing fasts shows your commitment and discipline, which Lord Shani appreciates.
Lord Shani Understanding His Likes and Dislikes

Likes: The Path of Righteousness

  1. Honesty and Integrity: Lord Shani is the champion of truth and integrity. He appreciates when individuals uphold these virtues in their daily lives.
  2. Discipline and Responsibility: A disciplined lifestyle and responsible behavior are highly favored by Lord Shani. He rewards those who fulfill their duties diligently.
  3. Hard Work: Shani Dev admires hard work and perseverance. He looks favorably upon those who put in the effort and overcome obstacles without taking shortcuts.
  4. Spiritual Practices: Regular spiritual practices like meditation, chanting, and worship, especially on Saturdays (considered his day), are believed to please Lord Shani.
  5. Helping the Needy: Acts of charity, particularly helping the poor, the elderly, and the disabled, are greatly appreciated by Lord Shani.

What Lord Shani Dislikes

  1. Dishonesty and Deceit: Deception and unethical behavior are abhorred by Lord Shani. He is known to be unforgiving towards those who engage in such acts.
  2. Laziness and Irresponsibility: Apathy, laziness, and shirking one’s duties are looked down upon and might invite his wrath in the form of obstacles and challenges.
  3. Ego and Arrogance: Lord Shani detests arrogance and egoistic behavior. He often teaches humbling lessons to those who are consumed by pride.
  4. Ignoring the Less Fortunate: Indifference to the suffering of others, especially the underprivileged, is something that Lord Shani disapproves of.
  5. Disrespecting Elders: Disrespect towards one’s elders and teachers is a sure way to earn Lord Shani’s displeasure.

πŸ™ Seeking Lord Shani’s Favor

For those looking to appease Lord Shani or mitigate the ill-effects attributed to his influence in astrology (often referred to as ‘Sade Sati’ or ‘Dhaiya’), it is recommended to adhere to a path of righteousness, engage in charitable deeds, and maintain a humble and disciplined life. Worship practices include offering black sesame seeds, black cloth, and mustard oil to Lord Shani, especially on Saturdays.

In essence, Lord Shani is not just a figure of fear, but a cosmic teacher who guides through tough love, rewarding righteousness, and persistence, while chastising those who stray from the path of dharma (moral order). He teaches the value of hard work, discipline, and the importance of facing life’s challenges with courage and integrity. πŸŒŸπŸ™πŸ•‰οΈ


To keep Lord Shani happy, it’s important to do good deeds, be honest, respect your elders, and follow your duties. By understanding what Lord Shani likes, we can try to live in a way that brings good luck and avoids bad luck. Remember, Lord Shani is watching how we act and treating us accordingly!

Until next time, stay blessed and keep the festive spirit alive! 🌼✨

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